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Brass lamb's tongue scuppers pour filtered for a soothing water acoustic.

Indian slate veneers architectural elements that function as seat benches or planter supports

Children can play in fiber illuminated fountain jets.

Water drains through the brick into a tank below the sidewalk.

3.5' high, "0 depth" fountain makes a grand statement for walkway entrance

Tumbled 2" x 2" mosaic tile and 6"x 6" tumbled cobble add focus and tactile feel.

8' dia. stone and glass tile fountain remodel

glass block and lights make for a stunning night-scape

"Twins": Black towers with red granite steps

"0" depth with 43 display nozzles

dress up stairs in high-end retail setting

massive boulders on cobblestone pad

contemporary break area for smokers

Luxury home development entrance marker in Naples FL

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