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Spa, pool with a water fall

Travertine tile patio - Turkish travertine is freeze thaw stable - great for Colorado climate.

Elegant designer pool

Turkish travertine coping and patio - freeze thaw rated

Fiber optic lights in the bottom of the pool dazzle at night.

Relax in a field of stars

Illuminated streams of water land in the pool from the landscaping.

Pool/ spa contemporary clean lines

All tile surround, planters, 3 fire features, negative edge pool, connected spa.

Pools & Spas

Pool with retaining wall for the 5 water feature woks

Curves with make this pool very dramitic.

Pool - water feature, integrated boulders, "0" depth beach entry, fiber optic lighting

Pool - with sweeping curve

Multiple hidden deck jets

Pool - spa with southwest styling. Two wall font lions add a nice touch.

Pool - water feature, elevated pool with secondary containment ss pan and catch drains

Pool - water feature, water falls from soffit mounted powerfall

Pool - water feature, all tile

Group 3 tile "pearlized" makes this pool dazzle

Pool - water feature wall, custom powerfall

This contemporary and elegant design / build project has it all: negative edge pool with 4 deck jets, connected spa and fire pit.

Deck, steps and seat walls are nicely finished off with 3 complementary stamped color concrete patterns

Pool with connected spa.

6 wall falls. Tile color matches the grout color of the flagstone stone veneer.

Pool with a negative edge.

All tile 10'x20' pool with connected spa.

Get the ultra comfort and money savings of a Salt/ chlorine generation system.

Your system regenerates and automatically controls its own chlorine (CL) level from salt (NACL). The salt at 1500 PPM stays in the water. Just like softened water - your skin will feel soft and smooth even after hours in the pool.

Lap and wading pool with connected spa. Bullnose brick coping, "diamond brite" interior plaster.

Generous bench seating is combined with a wide lap lane.

54' x 20' overall

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